Measurement Rules

Measurement Rules 2014


1 Length overall (LOA) must exceed 13' but not exceed 18' 06" to be measured from the fore side of stem to the aft side of transom, or rudder post if fitted


2 The total length of the foremast shall not exceed 1.33 of the length overall


3 The head of any sail must not exceed twice the length of the luff


4 Dipping lugs'l foresail and standing lug mizzen only. When the weather demands, boats are permitted to finish a race either without their mizzen or without their foresail and with the mizzen set on the foremast


5 Wooden masts only are allowed. All other spars must be of wood, grp or metal (includes bumkin, mizzen yard and outrigger) except (in the interest of safety due to weight reduction aloft) foresail yards which may also be of carbon fibre. Yards must be hoisted by means of a rope halyard attached to a metal rack. Wooden rudders only are allowed. Hull, deck and stiffening components (e.g. frames, thwarts, knees etc) must be of wood, grp or metal


6 There must be a minimum 4 rope shrouds on the foremast and 2 rope shrouds on the mizzen mast. All shrouds must be one continuous length and tied off with a rolling hitch. No wire shrouds are allowed


7 Sails must be tied to yards with robands


8 No underwater extensions, except rudder


9  a. Boats should have an inboard engine in working order

    b. The engine should be properly coupled to the propeller

    c. The propeller should be of the fixed blade type with a minimum 3 blades

    d. The propeller and engine together must be adequate to propel the boat


10 The measured draft amidships should be no greater than LOA divided by 9


11 The measured draft amidships when heeled should be no greater than LOA divided by 9


12 Winches are not allowed on any part of the rigging: snubbers and ratchet blocks are allowed for sheets


13 No spar may be longer than the foremast


14 The angle between the luff and head of the foresail and mizzen when laid on sail loft floor must not exceed 160 degrees


15 One mast is allowed per 10 feet of boat length or part thereof


16 Transom stern - no counter, no canoe


17 Boat to be of general working shape with long rocker type (not yacht shaped) keel. The spirit of the rules does not allow for boats that are too far removed from the original "Beer Beach Boat" design. Prospective owners are advised to take advice from the committee


18 Only one suit of sails is to be used for the whole of the series; however an alternate foresail for heavy weather is permissable (all sails must be passed by the committee)


19 No radial cut sails are allowed


20 Safety equipment - anchor & sufficient warp, pump or bailer, painter, knife, pair of oars & rowlocks. Sufficient buoyancy must be provided for each member of the crew. If the red & yellow flag is flown from the clubhouse, each individual must wear either a buoyancy aid or a lifejacket


21 Boats that have been accepted under previous versions of the rules may continue to do so, even if they fall outside the current rules 1 - 17, but all boats must still be accepted annually by the committee and any disputes settled by the committee. Owners are advised to consult the committee before making any alteration to their boat or rig which is not clearly defined in these rules and especially if that alteration threatens the spirit of the rules


22 All boats shall carry sufficient buoyancy to keep both boat and crew afloat in addition to their personal buoyancy


23 Hulls to be constructed in traditional timber form of either clenched clinker or carvel. Additionally, hulls may be costructed of glass re-inforced plastic (GRP) in a single laminated skin. The rules do not permit any form of cored construction


24 Maximum beam not to exceed 0.45 of LOA


25 The transom width shall not be less than 0.145 of LOA measured at the deck line


26 The use of both fore and aft decks is permitted providing that neither extends greater than 0.2 of the boats LOA. Side decks are not permitted; maximum gunwhale capping is not to exceed 4 inches over a distance of at least half LOA


27 Sails to be made from non laminated polyester woven cloth. Materials such as Mylar, Kevlar and carbon cloth are not permitted


28 One sail batten only is allowed in the foot of the mizzen with no other battens allowed in any other sail






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