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Skipper/owner Geoff Pook

New to Beer - only arrived in 1991 so still finding my way around.

Sailed dinghies and small cruisers most of my life but not learned much as some would say. Have owned Moondance since 2005 having bought her from Eddie Burrows who had her built in 2001.

Done more cruising over past few years including transatlantic in 2011 and around Britain in 2016.

Crew various - Eddie Burrows, Chris Adkin.

Length 16'  Beam 7'6"

Built 2001 by Adrian Noyes of Okehampton 

Traditional clinker built mahogany on oak with ash frames.

Wooden masts and yards.

Main difference between the old traditional boats is the lifting rudder that enables the rudder to be raised up a shaft rather than having to change sailing rudder for beaching rudder.

Engine - 10hp Yanmar inboard.

Sails traditional tan with reefing points - number 12 on mizzen.

Major incidents - sinking at Mousehole in 2004 resulting in new engine and electrics, otherwise nothing hurt but pride.

Kebabbed by Robbie in Puffin. My responsibility as I was on port tack trying to avoid, but once Robbie had me in his sights there was no escape.

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