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Sea Witch (sail no: 28)

Plymouth Pilot hull built by Chris Challis in February 1982. Purchased by Alan Abbott in March 1982 as a bare hull and fitted out March to August 1982.


Sails of cotton made by Loue Hooke at Galmpton, Nr Brixham. First sailed in Beer Regatta August 1982 by Alan Abbott, son Christopher and John Barr.


New tan sails made by Chris Scanes 1984 as a three masted lugger, sailed by owner, son and John Barr.


Sailed in first Beer Luggers Club shakedown race on Monday 6th May 1985. The first club race was on 20th May that year.


Alan Abbott retired from racing in 1988 owing to ill health, and the boat was sailed by Oliver Bagwell, son Martin and John Mortimore for some years, including Looe Regattas. 


When John Mortimore retired, Oliver's son-in law Jason Allen became a crew member. They left Sea Witch to sail Twilight in 2006.


Paul Vine, Kim Aplin and Ian Teesdale then sailed the boat for a few years, with occasional help from Steve Bond and Chiddles.


Chris Clapp, Simon White and Kim Aplin then took over in 2012.

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